VAT Registration Services

We provide European VAT registration services to companies and individuals that require assistance with registering and managing of their VAT. Starting Business professional consultants can assist all clients from across the globe in understanding VAT, informing clients of their VAT registration and payment obligations and helping VAT payers to administer the file the relevant documentation.

Obtaining our VAT Registration Services

It is a legal requirement for all eligible taxable entities to register with the appropriate authorities for payment of VAT on certain goods and services. VAT and the tax industry in general is deemed a very complex and vague area for many individuals and companies to understand. There are many legal requirements, rights and obligations with respect to registering for VAT and it is important to be fully aware of these.

Starting Business expert consultants will advise you on how to register for VAT, what you need to pay and how you need to pay it. Our consultants can help you find the most appropriate method of payment and inform you in advance of when your VAT payments are required. With extensive knowledge on tax laws in countries across the globe, Starting Business can assist you with every aspect related to VAT registration and payment.

When is VAT Imposed

VAT, otherwise known as value added tax, is a type of taxation imposed on goods and services however the rate will vary according to the country the goods and services are located in. VAT is evident throughout the EU and each member state imposes their own rate of VAT.

It is standard for VAT to be imposed on all goods and services that are sold or purchased within the European Community however goods and services destined for exportation outside of the EU are generally not subject to VAT.

With regards to importation of goods into the EU, VAT will be applied accordingly to ensure a fair and competitive marketplace for the commercial distribution of goods and services. VAT is generally paid at the location of where the goods or services have been supplied.

What is VAT

VAT or value added tax as it is also commonly referred to, is a general taxation on goods and services that are commercially produced and distributed to certain countries. Some countries allow for companies to claim back their VAT on purchases and expenses necessary for the running of the company.

VAT differs in rate from country to country within the EU. It is paid to the relevant revenue authority depending on the country of domicile and it is vital that all eligible individuals and companies register to pay their VAT.

Relevant VAT legislation

The relevant legislation for EU VAT is the Directive 2006/112/EC which came into force on 1st January 2007. This legislation is an amended version of the previous Directive and now provides resources for eLearning which enables tax officials and other affected parties to gain a basic knowledge of the Directive and how it works.

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