Maintenance of Legal Books & Company Records

Starting Business specialize in providing advice, guidance and support during both the company formation and administration stages. Once a company has been set up and is fully established, we provide highly specialist and professional consultation services in respect to the company administration stages, including maintenance of records and legal books.

How Starting Business can assist you…

Almost every legal system in the world obliges the company to keep and maintain company records and legal books. Company records are documents that are kept by a company which detail important aspects of its operations and structure, including information relating to its current directors and shareholders. Such records must be held at the company’s registered office.

The maintenance of legal books relates to the records that are kept up to date. Where necessary, these documents will need to be adjusted to reflect any changes that have taken place within the company. All legal books must also be kept at the registered office.

With the guidance of a professional consultancy firm like Starting Business, your company will benefit from the correct maintenance of legal books and company records within a professional environment. Starting Business will assist with the maintenance of all legal documents.

In countries, where presentation of annual returns or audited accounts or maintenance of any other statutory documentation is required (for example, to comply with instructions of the Central Bank, local tax authorities or any other governmental body), such presentation and maintenance can be performed by the Starting Business offices.

Requirements for Company Records & Legal Books

Maintaining the legal books and company records will ensure that the company is fully compliant with the regulatory authorities or governmental body in place within the company’s primary jurisdiction. Upon request, these documents must be made available and it is important to know exactly how and where such documents must be maintained.

As each jurisdiction upholds unique stipulations, it is important to ensure that the correct procedures are fully upheld. Most companies are required by law to uphold all company legal documents, books and records in a safe and secure place within the registered office. These records will only be accessible to a limited number of authorized people. These documents and books play a key role in ensuring that the company is lawfully operational and that its records are up to date.

To avoid the negative consequences of loss of documents it is important to obtain the advice and guidance of a professional consultancy company.

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