How to Register an Offshore Company

Understanding the process of how to register a company offshore is very beneficial to those deciding whether to take their company overseas, and even those who are not. Being aware of the registration process for will help you to assess if an offshore structure is the best option for you.


The Offshore Company Registration Process

Depending on the country you wish to incorporate your company in, you will have to consider the requirements of that jurisdiction. Below is a basic step by step of the process you will have to undertake to register a company offshore:

1. Choose a jurisdiction

You need to select the most appropriate offshore jurisdiction. When considering the location of the offshore jurisdiction you should be fully aware of the benefits and restrictions the country has in place…

View our Jurisdictions to Form a Company section

2. Perform a company name check

You should ensure the name of your business complies with the requirements of company names in your selected offshore jurisdiction. You should also ensure that the name you have chosen is available to use…

View our Company Name page for details

3. Apply to the registrar of companies

You will then be required to apply to the company registry of your selected country, for registration of the company…

View our Company Registry page for details

4. Submit the documentation and application

Once the relevant documentation is prepared, you will then submit the company documents including the Memorandum and Articles of Association to the registry…

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5. Await documents

The last stage in the process will be to receive the set of official company documents from the registry. For more information on how to maintain all legal and company documents please view our Registration Documentation page

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