Offshore Company Action Plan

Our offshore company action plan is specifically designed to guide prospective clients in choosing from a range of available and favorable tax planning and asset protection strategies to start their company. We recommend this resource for individuals to use to better educate themselves on the registration process in an overseas country. It can help simplify the formation process while ensuring clients are fully aware of the necessary steps to take.

Action Plan for Offshore Company Registration

Follow our company action plan to begin:

Step 1. Research

See our Helpful Tools and About Offshore Companies sections that offer a host of information on overseas company registration.

Within these sections you can browse through our FAQ’s and Knowledge Base to gain a preliminary understanding of how to start an offshore business and the benefits of doing so, while there are various other useful pages for business owners to utilize.

Step 2. Select a Country

Use our Company Registration guide and assess which is the most beneficial jurisdiction to register your company in. You will find detailed information on the types of available business entities and the registration documentation involved.

Step 3. Purchase your Formation

Once you have decided on your desired jurisdiction and selected the services you require, you can proceed with your registration by visiting our store Company Formation page. On receiving your payment, we will review your order.

If you have not chosen your jurisdiction or you are unsure of certain aspects related to your offshore company registration, you can Contact Us via our online form.

Step 4. Initiate Company Registration

All that is left is for us to proceed with the implementation of your offshore company registration in a cost effective and timely manner. Make sure to provide us with all required documentation, as well as the completed application form, in order for us to initiate the registration. We will report our progress to you and will advise you once the process has been fully completed.

Step 5. Identify any Additional Services

View our Company Services section to identify which additional services you require from Starting Business. This section will help you discover any services you may need and will also help you to understand how we can assist you throughout your company set up.