Choose the Optimal Jurisdiction for your Company Registration

Choosing a favorable business jurisdiction that can offer your offshore company the conditions it requires is vital, as it will determine the solutions available to you. The business jurisdiction you select will also affect which laws and agreements your company must comply with. Choosing an appropriate business jurisdiction to incorporate your company will be dependent on the intended type of business that you want to operate, as well as the type of target market you cover.

Factors to consider when Choosing a Jurisdiction

Many jurisdictions have their own specific advantages for certain types of companies and industries; however the main factors to consider when choosing the country of incorporation for your offshore company include:

  • Financial and economic infrastructure
  • Political and legal stability
  • Company and employment law
  • Tax and legal systems
  • Accounting requirements
  • Privacy and protection of personal information
  • Availability of human resources, language and culture
  • Availability of office space and land
  • Stable banking system
  • Reliability of banking services

How Starting Business can help

Starting Business has many years of specialized experience in helping individuals choose the overseas business jurisdiction that is most suited to their needs. We can help you select the right country for your offshore company that will be most beneficial for the business, industry, and services you intend to engage in.

We can formulate a complete offshore company registration package, by helping you choose the most suitable and cost effective business jurisdiction together with the necessary company services you will require.

Contact Us and one of our expert consultants will be in touch to advise you on what areas Starting Business can assist you with.