Benefits of Business Registration

Registering your business entity is one of the fundamental procedures of setting up a company. Without business registration, the company is not regarded as a legal entity in the jurisdiction it is operating in; therefore it cannot officially conduct any business activity.

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Business Registration in an Offshore Jurisdiction

Each jurisdiction offers their own set of requirements and criteria that must be satisfied in order to operate as a legally complaint entity. The procedure of business registration is largely dependent on the jurisdiction that the business is established in. It is therefore important to consult experienced professionals in the industry to ensure that you are aware of the entire business registration procedure prior to establishing the offshore company.

By acquiring a business license, companies are able to ensure that they are legally compliant with the procedures in the jurisdiction and maintain the standards outlined by the regulatory authority. To register a business, there may be upfront fees that must be paid to the relevant authority. In addition, the majority of jurisdictions require a minimum capital requirement that must be proved through bank statements.

There are a number of benefits of registering your business offshore, some of which include the following:

  • Low or zero taxation
  • Protection of business under the international business act in place
  • Security with regards to economic and governmental instabilities

During the registration process the owners of the business will be required to outline the exact nature of their company and the services that will be offered within the company. Upon the presentation of a number of obligatory documents, the application for business registration will be reviewed and from there, upon successful confirmation of the business registration, they will be free to conduct business under the jurisdiction with which they are registered under.